Connecting the Smart Industry

Pertubuhan Smart Industri Malaysia or Malaysia Smart Industry Association (MYSIA) officially registered on 18th October 2016. MYSIA founded by a group of academia, companies and individuals in the private sector whom passionate and involved in the Smart Industry value chain in Malaysia and beyond.

Smart industry is a synonym for Industry 4.0 or industrial transformation in the fourth industrial revolution within which smart manufacturing de facto fits. Smart manufacturing has been defined as the fully-integrated, collaborative manufacturing systems that respond in real time to meet changing demands and conditions in the smart factory, in the supply network, and in customer needs.

Industry, the manufacturing business, manufacturing companies and even manufacturing processes are in full transformation. This is mainly due to increasing automation, digital transformation, the bridging of digital and physical environments (as enabled by the Internet of Things or IoT), evolving industrial and manufacturing technologies (such as additive manufacturing), the intensive usage of data/analytics (with cloud and a shift of intelligence to the edge), industry and manufacturing challenges, human, economic and societal evolutions and demands and the integration of information technology and operational technology (IT and OT).

Smart industry will be an important catalyst in transforming the digital economy landscape. works together with industry players to develop a thriving smart industry eco-system for companies adopting and providing smart industry solutions and services.


To champion and realize the full potential of smart industry as part of Malaysia’s digital economy, empowering towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • Promote and rationalize the efforts of smart industries in Malaysia
  • To help industries in their digital transformation journey using smart devices
  • Provide platform for local smart industry players to share ideas and expertise
  • Provide platform for local industries players to connect with global smart industries organization
  • Create awareness of smart industry through workshops and forums